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When you are faced with estate planning, or the need to go through probate, having an experienced attorney by your side can be critically important. During Mr. Boland’s practice, he has drafted Wills on behalf of many individuals. Mr. Boland generally recommends that the clients maintain their own Wills in a safe storage location. After a person has passed, it is necessary to file the Will in the Register of Wills of the county of residence of the decedent. Mr. Boland has represented executors and administrators from the beginning of the probate process and the filing of the Will in the courthouse through the completion of the filing of all necessary inventories, tax returns, accountings and other legal documents which are part and parcel of the estate settlement process. As a general rule, Mr. Boland does not handle cases which involve Federal Estate Tax, that is, estates in excess of $5,000,000. Such estates require a particularized expertise in the development of marital deduction trusts which Mr. Boland does not include in his practice.

Mr. Boland prides himself in his ability to prepare tax forms incidental to the estate. Tax documents would also include a Fiduciary Income Tax Return Form 1041 and PA 41 and the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return Form REV-1500. Since the beginning of the 21st century, none of the Inheritance Tax Returns filed by Mr. Boland with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue have been subjected to any audit whatsoever. All have been accepted as filed. Mr. Boland demonstrates an ability to accurately compute, calculate, appraise and allow or disallow assets and deductions appropriately on the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return. 

Mr. Boland is ready to help you with your legal needs whether it be the drafting of a Will, a Power of Attorney, a Living Will, or a Healthcare Power of Attorney. He is also prepared to offer assistance to any client who desires to settle the affairs of a decedent following their passing. Mr. Boland is widely respected for his honesty. He has always steadfastly maintained that funds left on deposit with him and estate checkbooks in his possession are in the safest location possible. Mr. Boland gives much of the credit to his skill in probate matters to his previous years of practice with attorney Alan S. Readinger. Whether it be the preparation of estate planning documents such as simple Will or other appropriate document, or if a loved one has passed away and you are in need of assistance in the winding up of the decedent’s affairs, Mr. Boland is ready to assist you in these legal matters and will do so honestly and with integrity. He will disclose the basis of the legal fees and the estimated amount thereof contemporaneously with the commencement of your representation.

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Whether you need an attorney with criminal trial services or one that can help you through personal injury claims, Michael C. Boland can guide you through all your legal needs. With over 30 years of experience as an aggressive and reliable attorney, you can depend on him for your case.
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