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Get the Legal Support You Need for Child Custody

As one of the most emotionally charged types of law, child custody situations can be very important legal matters. You want what you believe is best for your child. Let Michael C. Boland, Attorney at Law help you understand your options. Mr. Boland is qualified to represent you in all of the following family law matters:
  • Child custody disputes
  • Changes to custody agreements
  • Child support establishment
  • Paternity establishment
  • Child protective services by BCCYS
  • Divorce

Reliable, Dedicated Attorney 

You need an attorney whom you can rely on to provide you with accurate, complete, and frank information about your family law case. 

Successful Lawyer Support

With over 30 years of experience, you can feel comfortable working with Mr. Boland. He can answer all of your questions and get through the process.

Trust Mr. Boland to Guide You Through the Legal Process

Work closely with Mr. Boland to get all of your questions answered. Trust him to guide you through the legal process with quality, up-to-date information. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your DUI charges or your estate planning needs. Mr. Boland is dedicated to his clients.
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