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Mr. Boland’s criminal defense practice includes a large number of defense cases involving the charge of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance. Mr. Boland is also actively involved in the collateral consequence of such offenses which include the suspension of the offender’s driver’s license and the requirement to have it restored. 

Mr. Boland has represented clients in Driving Under the Influence primarily in Berks County but has also appeared in the courts of Chester County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County, Schuylkill County, Lebanon County, Dauphin County and Lancaster County in DUI/DWI related cases. Mr. Boland has tried a number of cases both before the bench and before juries involving Driving Under the Influence charges.

During the last ten years all of the cases involving DUI which Mr. Boland has taken to trial have resulted in acquittals. Most DUI cases, given the ninety-five plus percent conviction rate nationwide in DUI, involve a disposition other than trial or acquittal. Mr. Boland is familiar with the requirements for ARD in Berks and surrounding counties. ARD is a first offender program which allows an individual charged with DUI to enter a diversionary program and, if successfully completed, have his or her record expunged (notwithstanding the fact that such completion of ARD counts as a first offense for any subsequent DUI arrest). Mr. Boland is also familiar with the current Treatment Court Program in Berks County. 

Mr. Boland is the first attorney in Berks County to successfully challenge the practice of the Berks County Adult Probation Department which withholds the restoration of an offender’s driver’s license until the fines and costs are paid in full. By filing a petition before the court, Mr. Boland was able to obtain a schedule of payments for an offender and was the first attorney in Berks County to obtain a court order directing the Adult Probation Department and the Clerk of Courts to notify PENNDOT that the offender was eligible for restoration before the fines and costs were paid in full.

DUI defense continues to be a large portion of Mr. Boland’s practice and one with which he is especially familiar. He is ready to defend you whether you are charged with Driving Under Influence of Alcohol, marijuana or any other controlled substance in Berks or any surrounding county. Mr. Boland also defends charges of Driving While Operating Privilege is Suspended or Revoked (both DUI related and non-DUI related).

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